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GM / Toyota end of a beautiful partnership

Although General Motors-has announced the upcoming end of the production model of the Pontiac Vibe, discussions between GM and Toyota manufacturers continued all the same, on the future of their partnership, which included among others, the NUMMI plant Fremont California or are assembled Toyota Tacoma and Pontiac Vibe.

Unfortunately, recent talks between the two manufacturers not been conclusive and especially incompatible facing GM's recovery plan, they have finally decided to move on to this collaboration, however, had been more successful and for both companies.

This collaboration lasted 25 years, had allowed more than five thousand people to find a well remunerated employment the California factory. These are 250,000 cars and 170,000 trucks were assembled annually.

For the leaders of Toyota, which now find themselves the only owners of this plant, amputee who is more than half of its production, it is clear that a decision will be made regarding the future of the latter ...

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