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Vending Volkswagen

The Autostadt in German which means 'City Car', is a huge amusement park entirely axis on the automobile. Obviously, Volkswagen brand including of course its various satellite brands.

This permanent exhibition open to the public, includes many attractions. Among them, we find a museum, an ultra modern plant, and pavilions for each satellite group brands, including two buildings has reserved the Volkswagen brand.

A track for all-terrain vehicles was amenagee so that the public can showcase his skills SUV driver, while a second small road course allows students to take the wheel of a small electric vehicle resembling has a New Beetle.

The park draws over two million visitors annually, also includes two full multimedia projection, a large hotel chain Ritz-Carlton and a large shopping center, where visitors can readily do their shopping. Finally, we find also two glass towers silos style, which serve as vehicles to both storage and distribution of cars exclusively for Volkswagen.

Such a distributor of soft drinks

The two towers with a height of 200 meters, entirely made of transparent glass units are used as storage and distribution of cars.

Each tower can accommodate up to 400 cars. These last are transported towards the towers, through a long tunnel that connects each to the assembly plant towers. In this sub-plot was a feeder transport system fully automated, which will take care of each car to direct them to the storage towers.

Whenever a car enters a turn, another comes out instantly. Being made of transparent glass, it allows visitors to see how these cars in motion.

Currently, amusement park 'Autostadt' Volkswagen has two vending towers cars, which are much talk and make reference to the matter. But the leaders of the German group have add four more over the next year ...

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