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Hyundai Canada launches new website

Axis on the visual appearance and improved functionality, the new site will allow visitors to compare Hyundai vehicles with the competition.

Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.. today launches its new website on The new site was developed by Hyundai with the goal to take the lead in the industry in terms of design and functionalities.

"Now that all of our vehicles have the approach of" fluid sculpture "design, the time had come to improve the visual impact of our web site in Canada to be at the height of the lines of our cars and Utilities" said Steve Kelleher, president and chief executive officer of Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.. "In addition, we enhances and improves the site's content. Our comparison tool vehicles, for example, allow buyers to evaluate the differences between the vehicles and any other Hyundai model on the market. Of course, the site also will present the advantages of our products over the competition. "

Other site improvements include, inter alia, for a full 360 ° inside as on the outside of all models and for each color offered, and a tool improves research the closer dealer with precise directions, price pages completes a tool to estimate the value of vehicles resumption of Canadian Black Book, and a devoted exclusively section sedan etendard luxury brand, Equus. Hyundai Auto Canada is one of the few automakers offer as many consumers purchase tools.

In addition to improving the visual appearance of the site, the manufacturer has also decided to decentralize the hosting server of its new website. The advantage for the consumer henceforth hosting the site on several servers distributed across the country, is the fact that the website Hyundai Auto Canada is now faster, regardless of the location or the user will access the site. Thus, the enhanced functionality of the site will provide web faster and a more transparent experience.

The new site will add two other sites that the manufacturer has put online over the past six months, including a site for mobile devices presenting all models and a site for prestige luxury sedan Genesis and Equus.

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