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Winter tires mandatory, this time we have no choice


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Special winter tires, tire pressure sensors


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Different use, different tires

Probably tired by the carelessness and recklessness of drivers who defy death by driving throughout winter driving cars equipped with all-season tires, most of the time poorly adapted winter driving, the authorities of provincial government legislate in the matter and mandated the winter on cars registered in Quebec use of tires. If some rejoicing this decision, there are many who anyway are not necessarily in favor of such diktats.

Some opponents to this law, the imposition of equip his car with four winter tires is very expensive and do not necessarily provide discounts effects. They argue that many drivers feel more confident when their car well equipped and will go faster and be involved in accidents in larger numbers. This argument is fallacious, of course. But it is certain that it will fear the initial rush in specialized workshops in the fall and the risk of stockouts.

What for example if you just get a car equipped tire size that is not found among the winter tires available? The owners will be required to choose a tire of a different size than the original. This means new wheels, new pressure sensors and tires that do not perhaps be adapted to perfection road behavior of the car. This is a dilemma that many people will face this fall.

It is true that one can spend a winter with a vehicle equipped with all season tires without necessarily putting his life and that of others in danger. To do this, simply leave your car in the garage during snowfall, precipitation of ice or other meteorological phenomenon affecting the quality of adhesion of the floor. But like most people like to take unnecessary risks, we drive with poorly adapted tires regardless of temperature. This is continued in this collective unconsciousness that the government is going to act.

More than a snow tire

Over the years, the tire became snow winter tire. This means what? This means that the first specially designed for winter driving tires were almost strictly Designed Templates to give good traction in deep snow. It must be remembered that the snow removal winter road began in the late 40s, at least in Quebec. In addition, the precipitation of snow were significantly greater in the years 50 and 60 today and the temperature was also colder. Another important detail, substantially all of the vehicles on the road until mid-year was 60 propulsions. Winter tires at that time were called snow tires for obvious reasons it was enough to also have a deep tread with large distinct blocks and a gum which resisted the cold to feel security. And since cars were mostly drives, installing only two tires in the rear wheel was much less ADVERSE CONSEQUENCES that if we did the same thing by installing only a traction tire to the drive wheels.

New conditions, new technologies

Today, in major urban centers, roads are relatively clear and mostly driving on a snow-free floor. But as the temperature changes are more important than previously, icy conditions or wetted surface are more frequent. So you need a tire adapts to these new conditions and capable of running in deep snow like ice or wet pavement.

To do this, the engineers have developed new compounds based on silica which firstly prevent the premature wear, the great defect of most winter tires, then developed soles the design is more complex and uses a multiple blades to obtain a both adherence and quietness. And we must add that several brands Confuse a gum their tires various components such as cotton or particles of shells to maximize adhesion and longevity. Briefly, snow tires winter tires become able to face all conditions and not only deep snow.

For reasons of economy, many drivers will be tempted to mount winter tires on the drive wheels only saying it will be enough. These people obviously wrong because it has been proven by many studies that the government raises only two tires on the drive wheels causes the imbalance of adherence and causes head-to-tail or at least a loss of control . For example, if you put very high quality tires on the front wheels in the back and let the tires all these reasons, they can not compensate for the superior adhesion of the front wheels. When the car will slow down, this will cause an imbalance Evasion train back.

Finally, several experiments have shown that four winter tires even relatively average quality provide superior road holding has a car which would be equipped with tires all seasons best quality. More like you Rely tires six months the year with the combination of winter tires and summer, the cost is ultimately the same as you will not be obliged to replace them as frequently. For example, before the new law requiring use of winter tires, some people drove to the year long with all-season tires. These were generally uses after two years and had to be replaced. If you now switch between winter tires and all seasons, you will be able to run for four years with this combination which is equivalent to a similar expense.

Ask the Experts

Finally, faced with the choice growing brand and models of winter tires that we are offered, it would be wise to contact a specialized shop offering several different tire brands. At this time the representatives of this institution will be able to recommend the tire that suits your needs and your budget. Sometimes you'll be surprised to find a brand that you hardly knew perfectly suits your needs and give you fully satisfaction. The advice of a specialist, it is essential.

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