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Development program has scrap: To reduce smog and greenhouse gas emissions

750 vehicles among the pollutants will be withdrawn from the territory of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) by 31 December 2008. To contribute to the reduction of smog and greenhouse gas emissions, a growing problem in the metropolis, auto owners built before 1995 will also benefit from the exchange of a set scrap their vehicles, incentives like titles transit. The "Clear the Air" program particularly target older vehicles that can pollute up to 30 times more than the most recent models.            

"The Metropolitan Transport Agency restart discussions with its partners in the region of Montreal, STM, STL, the RTL and the Association of CIT, to renew the agreement with AQLPA to continue the program "The Air!" This program provides an excellent opportunity for vehicle owners scrap experimenter public transport in order to appreciate the benefits and bring a change in their transportation habits, "stated Mr. Joel Gauthier , President Director General of the Metropolitan Transportation Agency.            

"The Government of Quebec is pleased to support this initiative because the withdrawal of most ages road vehicles contribute to improve the quality of the air on the territory of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) as well as reduce emissions of greenhouse gas emissions, "stated Minister Beauchamp. The Kidney Foundation of Canada, which operates the updater has scrap Kidney Car since 1995 in the greater metropolitan area of ​​Montreal, will benefit from the proceeds of the sale of carcasses of vehicles. "We are pleased to partner with the program" The Air, "said Miklos Fulop, general manager of the Quebec Branch." Project participants pose a doubly positive gesture: they help to clean up the atmosphere more support the fight against kidney disease which nearly two million Canadians are affected. "           

 For AQLPA, which since 2002 operates the "Clear the Air" program, placing a scrap of the most polluting vehicles, is a first step towards the establishment of a universal program of inspection and maintenance in Quebec. "The vehicular pollution is a serious public health problem, with nearly 2,000 premature deaths in the Montreal area, caused by poor air quality.'s Interest in this program proves that governments are beginning to take this problem seriously, "said Andre Belisle, president of AQLPA.

Putting a scrap, an advantageous solution

As is the case with other programs implemented everywhere in North America, the program offers a range of opportunities for owners of old vehicles from the territory of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC), thanks among other things to the collaboration with industry partners transit. In exchange for putting a scrap of a vehicle, each owner will be entitled to:

- $ 300 where the car has been scrapped

- Securities transit issued by the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (AMT)

- A receipt for tax end of The Kidney Foundation of Canada (Quebec Branch)

- A membership card AQLPA            

Program participants will also qualify for several other incentives that negotiations with partners completed. The owners of vehicles built before 1995 desiring to participate in the program "The Air!" can learn the date of the beginning of enrollment in the program and the eligibility criteria by visiting the Internet site.            

As part of "The Air!" all of the following parts will be removed from work; carbon filters, oxygen sensors, EGR valves, air pumps, catalytic converters, pressure detectors, injectors, detectors cold, spark plugs, wiring and mercury switches. The scrap is allowed Kenny Pieces Auto Laval, members of the Association of Recyclers of pieces of cars and trucks (ARPAC).

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