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Reva, the dream come true

While manufacturers Honda, BMW Mini and its subsidiary Mercedes-Benz with its Smart division has to offer vehicles are drawing a very target of their models FCX Clarity fuel cell, as well as versions moved entirely to electricity for Popular Mini and Smart, here is a small Indian manufacturer produces and markets there as well as in some European countries, a micro city car entirely propelled by electric energy. His name is Reva, the dream became reality.

The Indian potential

While the Nano project Indian conglomerate Tata, floundering and that is saying something, voila reappears a little shameless also designed and manufactured in India by the Reva Electric Car Company Group (RECC), the small Reva. After unsuccessful trials and commercialization in the 90 years, the industry group back in charge in 2001 with the release of the model Reva enjoying a more modern and certainly more thrust technology.

This buggy to Lilliputian dimensions (2600 mm long) presented as a three-door sedan. Despite its size, the Reva can accommodate up to four passengers, two adults and two children without grocery bags. It weighs only 745 kg.

Simple and efficient technology

Its ultra quiet electric motor is three-phase alternating current. Batteries has lead acid 350 amperes provide his energy, all mates has an automatic box. Not to mention the management of this system is ensured by computer. Delivree the power is 17 hp (13 kW), while the maximum torque 52 Nm joined obviously can recharge the batteries from a household outlet. A full recharge request eight hours, but it only takes two hours to complete 80% of the latter. The announced autonomy of 80 km from a full charge and 65 km with 80% load. It can reach a cruising speed of 80 km / h (50 mi / h). Currently, engineers are working very seriously on the development of lithium-ion battery that can deliver a range of much superior.

Open to the world

Early Reva is obviously very popular in India since 2003 and some European countries such as England, Germany and Monaco have already opened their gates in January and it was the turn of Belgium to do the same.

Currently, it sells around the world around 2500 units of this car. For the moment it is obviously very little, but the global economic circumstances and eagerness to green our environment could give him a boost, at least in the interior of some steps and I do not even think America has. Offered at a price of EUR 14 900 in Belgium or the equivalent of $ 21,000 CDN, it is abundantly clear that future purchasers must possess a good portfolio, but also an ecological soul has any ordeal ...

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