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The Indian plant of Nano to the stop because of events

MUMBAI, India - Indian automaker Tata announced Tuesday it has indefinitely suspended the activities of the factory that produces the least expensive car in the world due to protests of peasants demanding the restitution of land on which the production unit is implanted.

Since Friday, any employee can come to work in the factory in Singur (West Bengal State) at the request of Tata, and foreign nationals working there returned home, the precise manufacturer. Nano, the destiny Indian market should be commercialized from the end of the year at U.S. $ 2,500 but the movement of current challenge could delay its release.

Hundreds of farmers protest for two years, complaining of not having been properly indemnified for the loss used for the construction of the factory land. With the support of opposition political parties, they blocked a road outside the factory. The protest has intensified and demonstrators blocking of employees in the factory last week.

Citing a "hostile" environment around the plant, Tata believes that the site "can not operate effectively" in these conditions, said a spokesman for the firm said in a statement.

Tata has invested U.S. $ 350 million in its plant in Singur. Reacting to the stop of the production unit, the Industry Minister of West Bengal, Nirupam Sen, evokes "a sad day" for its region.

According to Suresh Rangarajan, a spokesman for Tata, the Indian automaker plans to relocate the production unit of the Nano at other sites of the firm in India if the conflict continues at Singur.

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