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Mercedes-Benz Canada had its best month ever with sales of 2,632 units

Mercedes-Benz sales up 44.8%

Mercedes-Benz Canada today announced the achievement of a record sales volume for the company: 2632 units have indeed been sold during the month of May. This is the first time in its history that Mercedes-Benz Canada crosses the bar 2000 Mercedes-Benz in the space of a month and its combined monthly sales of Mercedes-Benz and smart exceed its 2500 units.            

On the side of Mercedes-Benz, monthly shipments reached a record 2,192 units, which represents a gain of 678 units or 44.8% compared to those of May 2007. This translates into an increase in annual sales cumulated 21.3%. In all, 440 smart fortwo were sold in May, bringing the cumulated annual sales of this brand has 1,553 units, volume up 33.1% over that of the same period of 2007. Reaching 2,632 units Combined sales of Mercedes-Benz and smart growth displayed 586 units or 28.6% compared to those of last May, and an impressive 23.1% advance in terms of results cumulated since the beginning of the years.            

Very strong models of Classes B, C, S, SL, M and GL contributed to the success of this May. Sales of 900 units were recorded for the new 2008 C-Class next generation, which is an increase of almost 350%. Retail deliveries of models of Class B and Class M, respectively, increases of 16.7% and 27.9% in May. Mercedes-Benz diesel represent 59.8% of sales during the month, while the share of AWD models 4MATIC (TM) permanently mounts to 63.2% of global sales of passenger cars (smart models excluded) and light commercial vehicles.            

Total sales of Mercedes-Benz passenger car units an increase of 622 or 55.5% for the month, and ahead of 23.5% on a cumulative annual basis. Regarding commercial light vehicles luxury M-Class, R-Class and GL again demonstrated outstanding performance in May, with sales of 450 units, sales up 14.2% compared to the results in May 2007; to date, light commercial vehicles posted growth of 14.4% cumulated with annual sales of 1,831 units.            

Regarding second-hand vehicles, the company sold 707 Mercedes-Benz in May. Retail deliveries of used vehicles in the first five months of the year 2008 amounted to 2,768 units, which represents a gain of 21.8% compared to the results of the corresponding period of 2007. Marcus Breitschwerdt, president and general manager of Mercedes-Benz Canada, said: "This is the first time in our history that we exceed the monthly threshold of 2,000 units for the Mercedes-Benz brand and also the first time we crossed the bar 2,500 units for the group say that we are pleased is an understatement;. 2,632 units including sales of smart, here is an exceptional outcome I would again like to thank each member of our organization in every institution-. dealer, retail store, regional office, and also our head office and I know how has everyone working hard this month to achieve these results I would also like to thank our customers for their trust. we testify in buying our products. We will be at the height of their expectations and we will do our best to satisfy each of them. "

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