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Construction holiday: caution on the roads, Said CAA-Quebec

While Thousands Quebecois Will take over the roads of Quebec, the rest of Canada and the United States for the traditional summer vacation in a Few Days, CAA-Quebec wishes to recall Some guidelines So THAT travelers move in Any security.


A key to success to tackle a journey of several hours is based from. And since nothing is running, better flat Their itinerary to predict the frequent stops, or every two hours, and so take the time to delier muscles, entertain children and refreshments. "Driver Fatigue Represents the third case of death on the roads of Quebec. Make a break for a Few minutes every two hours helps Avoid the tiredness and stress of driving accumulates. In addition, Provide for a snack stops falling on thesis Can Prevent the effect Often present of drowsiness Effective too hearty "meal, says Yvon Lapointe, director of the education routiere a CAA-Quebec.

Adequate distances

A driver shoulds maintain maintenance service minimally three seconds away with the vehicle in front of him That Runs. DETERMINED to this difference, it chooses a precise spot on the road (tree, trade sign) and That the vehicle before it Reaches, it Necessary Calculates the time in seconds before reaching the same spot. "Ideally, the gap Between vehicles shoulds be Between 3 and 6 seconds odd if a vehicle pulling a trailer Being driven. In this way, the driver Adopts a smoother driving without braking or acceleration Unnecessary and can appreciate more the road with a more comprehensive view of the environment. With less than three seconds, it Becomes very difficulty to anticipate and react adequately "says Lapointe.

Tow a trailer

Above all, you must know the capacity for towing a vehicle. This is Indicated in the Owner's Manual and never be overestimated Because excessive burden year May damage Some components of the vehicle and odd Represent a significant risk to the safety of road users. In addition, the driving behavior Will Adapted to the size and weight of the load. Malthus, lane exchange, the accelerations, the negotiation and turns Especially the maneuvers of decelerations must be smooth since tiree load Greatly affect the driving behavior of the vehicle and braking distances in emergency Could extend much.

Furthermore, it must also check the trailer That is securely attached to the towing vehicle and Ensure Each break Throughout the trip. The maneuver walk back with a trailer or caravan Being more complex, is to AVOID Any improvisation. ? If in doubt about the capabilities make this a Safely maneuvering, it is recommended to practice in a little Frequented website - Ideally away from traffic - before hitting the road. Some driving schools, Including the CAA-Quebec, offer Specialized courses in the subject.

Overload vehicles, beware!

While the trunk is filled to the brim, Many resort to transportation boxes Adapted to the vehicle. Airtight and aerodynamic, thesis boxes are very safe Properly When attached to the support provided for this purpose. By cons, luggage ranges That Are on the roof without box shoulds be stacked in a pyramid shape and straps Correctly. "Nobody wants to lose personal belongings on the highway, it's obvious! Purpose more importantly, Such debris on the floor Represent a real hazard to motorists and can collide with the Following vehicles When they fall. Finally, the rear window shoulds never be Blocked to allow the driver to Properly cover all the angles, "says Lapointe.

Loose boards

A verification of the tire pressure and the spare, fluid levels and Their tank (engine oil, a brake, washer fluid) is always appreciated. HOWEVER, at a summer service confidence Garage is Strongly Recommended. Finally, CAA-Quebec-have access to emergency road service in case of problem - Regardless of Their destination in North America - as well as maps and road signs HAS Adapted.

That recall of 69% with the 2013 summer with the respondents to the survey of CAA-Quebec Realized last May says taking a vacation this summer. You can see the statement Issued this topic to learn more about this annual survey.

CAA-Quebec, an organization founded non-profit in 1904, offers services icts 1,220,000 members and privileges in the fields of automotive, travel, residential and financial services.


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