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Sales of Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda-have Increased in May

While Some Canadian Automakers saw Increase Their sales in May, others-have Declined.

Sales of Ford Canada rose 0.5 percent in May Compared to the same period the year passes, driven by sales of trucks. The company sold 32,490 vehicles last month, Which Represents a slight Increase Compared to 32,338 elapsed in May 2012.

Truck sales jumped 4.6 percent to 23,537, 22,509 a year against Earlier.

An automobile smaller Amount HOWEVER find a buyer falling on the same period. Ford Canada Recorded a fall of 8.9 percent in 9829 from this kennel in May 2012 to 8,953 in May 2013.

So far, Ford sold 117,987 vehicles HAS this year. This is an Increase of 5.7 percent Compared to the first five months of 2012, while the manufacturer HAD sold 111.638 cars and light vehicles sales.

For icts hand, Chrysler Canada Announced That icts for May sales jumped 12 percent last year HAD Compared to. Its total sales, HOWEVER, remain lower than Those of Ford.

Running 29,249 Chrysler vehicles last month against 26,218 in the same period a year ago thanks to icts sales of cars and light trucks Ram. According To the automaker, car sales icts Climbed 24 percent.

The company claims to-have sold 113,012 vehicles in the first five months of 2013, an Increase of 6 percent to 106,581 vehicles sold Compared falling on the same period in 2012.

Toyota Canada for icts share sold 22,250 vehicles in May, Lexus and Scion models Including icts. This is an Increase of 12.3 percent for the Japanese manufacturer with respect to the year passes.

Sales of vans Toyota Canada Totaled 8,550 for the month, an Increase of 14.2 percent, while Those for the Lexus and Scion Climbed respectively 11.9 percent and 62.9 percent in 1566 and to Establish a 601.

Regarding automobiles, sales up 11.3 percent Were Compared to May 2012 reaching 20,083.

Honda Canada sold 16,723 vehicles in May, Including icts Acura division, an Increase of 22 percent.

Kia and Nissan Canada HOWEVER declare a decline in sales for May 2013. Recorded The first HAS Decrease of 10.7 percent while the second state HAS decline of 9.1 percent.

In addition, sales of vehicles in the U.S. rebounded in May HAVING Effective Slightly lower in April.

General Motors HAD its best monthly sales since September 2008 with an Increase of 3 per hundred thanks to the growing demand for the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck.

Ford-have Increased sales by 14 percent in May while Those of Chrysler Climbed 11 percent, driven by the popularity of Ram trucks and sport utility vehicle Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Regarding Japanese Automakers, Nissan HAS Recorded an Increase of 25 percent in May Compared to last year Effective HAVING cut the price of seven models. Toyota sales in May rose 2.5 percent to Nearly 208,000 vehicles.

HOWEVER, HAS Volkswagen reported about a decline of about 1.7 percent, sales for all models icts with back except for the Jetta, Beetle, Passat and Tiguan.

by Alexandra Posadzki

Sales of Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda-have Increased in May picture #1

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