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Toyota car brand Has the Highest value in the world

Toyota Resumed as an automotive brand with the Highest value in the world by BrandZMC directory of 100 leading brands in the world in 2013. During the last year, the value of the Toyota brand HAS Experienced a significant Increase 12% to 24.5 billion U.S. dollars, making it one of the Most Important Strengths in the automotive sector.

Since 2006, over the eight years of the publication of BrandZMC report, Toyota WAS crowned six times # 1 brand in the automotive sector, in addition to reaching the second two other times.

According To the report, altho auto sales-have Improved in Some Areas, They Remained below what They Were before the recession in others, baja All All which the overall value of various brands. By cons, global sales of Toyota Motor Corporation (1) in 2012 rose 22.6% to 9.75 million units, Which Contributes Positively to the assessment of the brand in the report this year.

BrandZ ™ Suggests more than the evolution of the brand values ​​of the has-beens sector Partially inflected by the interest of customers for hybrid vehicles.

Since Toyota HAS put on the market the Toyota Prius (the first hybrid vehicle Produced in series in the world) in 1997, global sales of Toyota and Lexus hybrid models-have Surpassed 5 million units. Canadian buyers-have a choice of 11 models Toyota and Lexus hybrids: Toyota Prius, Prius c, Prius PHV, Prius v, Camry Hybrid and Highlander Hybrid and Lexus CT 200h, ES 300h, GS 450h, RX 450h and LS 600h L.

Lexus Retained icts 10th spot in the list of 10 automotive brands with the MOST value, amounting to 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars it.

Commissioned by the WPP and Conducted by Millward Brown Optimor, the study BrandZMC Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands probe the opinion of Some two million Consumers in more than 30 countries.

About ranking BrandZMC Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands

Developed by Millward Brown Optimor for companies form the WPP That group, classification BrandZMC Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands is now in eighth year icts. This is the only study All All which combined Measures of the value of an interview-based with more than two million worldwide brand about Consumers Thousands of brands serving consumer or business and year Rigorous analysis of financial and business performance of societies Each Studied (using data from Kantar Worldpanel and Bloomberg) to isolate the impact of the brand on the evolution of revenues and market capitalization of a company. The consumers' perception of a brand is a key factor in the assessment of value icts, Because a brand is a combination of business performance, product delivery, clarity of positioning, and leadership. The ranking takes into account regional variations since, in the odd case of truly global brands, the perception of the contribution of a Mark May Differ Substantially from one country to Another.

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