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Toyota maintains its title of "First name" automobile world

Here there is a livery company by Interbrabd recognition place of numerous efforts by the manufacturer to be successfully pass through its many reminders of vehicles, in addition to having to cope has tsunami of enormous magnitude that came taint of way just as gigantestque production vehicles has throughout Japan.

• Situated in 11th place in the overall standings, Toyota surpasses all other automakers in the report

• Here is what Interbrand said: "Even though Toyota has overcome the internal crisis (lack of quality control in 2010) and an external crisis (the earthquake that shook Japan in early 2011), the allee company is ahead by focusing on safety and quality, modifying its hierarchical structure and exploiting its ecological efforts world-renowned "

• This is the third tribute Toyota brand deserves this year: in July, Interbrand Toyota first class has its 2011 list of the best global brands ecological, following assessments of consumers and experts

• In May, Toyota was ranked automotive brand with the highest value in the world in the 2011 list of the 100 most valuable brands Branz, rising 11 percent to $ 24.4 billion

• The models Toyota Camry, Prius v and 2012 Scion iQ models are among the finalists for the North American price of the car and truck of the year. The winning models will be announced at the International Salon North American Auto Show in Detroit in January. The finalists include 17 cars and 7 trucks.

Despite all this, and if the trend continues, Toyota will spend 1 to 3rd place as a global producer of cars in 2011, just behind General Motors, and Volkswagen.

Toyota maintains its title of "First name" automobile world picture #1

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