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Michelin helps Canadian drivers stay safe this summer


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Small lesson of humility courtesy of Michelin

Of safe driving tips online EMPHASIZE the importance of preparation and education

The summer is fast approaching, Canadian families Will soon the road. They-have Explored the Canadian wilderness or enjoy an urban adventure, followers of the summer road can now benefit from significant tips to Promote safe driving.

Michelin Canada Encouraged drivers to Decrease the risk of emergency on the road Preparing to advance, by making the Appropriate security audits and compliance with safe driving tips.

Check your tires: After all, only the tires of your vehicle touch the road.

Check the wear on your tires - Using the test area, put a penny in the bottom of the tread takes, the head of the Queen first. If the crown is hidden, it is. By cons, if you see it completely Call Call Call, it's time to replace the jumpers.

Check tire pressure - tires can lose up to one pound per square inch of pressure Each month. Use a reliable pressure gauge to check pressure "cold" tires (before or three hours driving Effective HAVING driven). Compare the reading Obtained That is found on the label inside the driver's door or in the owner's manual of your vehicle. NOT Indicated That the measure takes on the sidewall Compared.

Do not shuffle your tires - If you only replace two tires on the oven, make sour They are the same size and the same type as your current tires. That make safe the new tires are mounted on the rear axle of your vehicle, helping to for for for reduce the possibility of rear wheel skid and loss of stability of the vehicle in terms of Wet.

Driving on Wet: wet pavement present dangers of less adherence and Greater braking distance.

Slow down. Follow this easy tip in rainy weather Greatly Reduces the risk of accident.

Be sour to Always Have Both hands on the wheel.

Slow down before making a turn and maintain maintenance Maintenance Maintenance constant speed while turning.

In turning, do not make sudden movements of the steering wheel.

Brake only in a straight line before turning and progressive Manner. Do not brake while turning.

Increase the distance Between your vehicle and the one you Preceded Have you-have to a Greater braking distance.

Hydroplaning, do not brake or accelerate Suddenly do not. Keep your foot lightly on the accelerator and head Towards the car before Until the tires regain Their adherence.

Burst takes: This is one of the MOST stressful situations on the road.

For prevention, always-have to be sour Both hands on the wheel.

If one of your tires exploding, do not panic. The loud noise Will startle you, if you follow three rules thesis goal, you return Safely and Quickly mastering your vehicle. One, keep your foot on the accelerator. Two, grab the wheel well and stay in your lane. Three, Gradually slow down and steer the wheel Carefully Towards the shoulder.

"At Michelin, safety is our guiding principle, and we are fully-committed to help drivers as possible, to be as safe as on the road, STATED Adam Murphy, director of marketing for Michelin Canada. Whether to Provide Canadian families the best takes for passenger cars - the Michelin Defender - Gold Complete list of safety tips on our website, we do our best to help Canadians lead Safely ".

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Source: Michelin

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