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Montreal consult on the possibility of providing self-service vehicles

Montreal intends to examine seriously the possibility of providing self-service vehicles, a bit on the same principle as the Bixi bike but with cars.

The head of the transport executive committee of the City of Montreal, Real Menard, announced Tuesday held a public consultation this spring on the opportunity to deploy such a system, also nicknamed carsharing.

City asks citizens to participate, but also provides for hearing major players in the transport, such as Societe transport de Montreal, Montreal parking and taxi industry sector.

In announcing the consultation on Tuesday, Mr. Menard stressed that the systems of self-service vehicles were implanted successfully in several cities around the world, including Paris, Chicago and Vancouver.

Among the issues related to this approach, the City notes the issues of access to parking spaces through a universal vignette, the responsibility of the districts, collaboration with other actors in urban transport, including the taxi industry, the electrification of vehicles and their displacement in time of snow removal.

Recommendations are expected in the summer.

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