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The City of Montreal joins the electric circuit


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A first terminal of fast charging for electric circuit


The City of Montreal joins the electric circuit picture #2

Saint-Georges, Beauce joins the electric circuit


The City of Montreal joins the electric circuit picture #3

The supply of electric circuit now exceeds 200 terminals in Quebec


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The electric circuit moves to the House of citizens of the City of Gatineau

The City of Montreal confirms its accession to the electrical circuit and install 80 charging stations for electric vehicles.

The mayor of Montreal, Mr. Laurent Blanchard, head of transport executive committee, Mr. Real Menard, and, on behalf of the partners of electric circuit, the Vice President - Public and Governmental Affairs Hydro-Quebec, Mr. Pierre-Luc Desgagne, in the presence of the Minister of Natural Resources, Mrs. Martine Ouellet, accompanied by Mr. Daniel Breton, MP Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister for the first electrification of the transportation component announce that City of Montreal will acquire 80 public charging stations that will have to be built mostly off-street municipal land.

"The Quebec is fashion electrification of transport and I want to emphasize the tangible efforts of the City of Montreal and the electric circuit in this regard," said the first minister of Quebec, Pauline Marois. We are fortunate to have a source of clean and renewable energy, and expertise leading to establish a public charging infrastructure required upon arrival of electric vehicles on our roads. This project future benefit to the whole population. "

"With the electrification of transport, it combines economic development and improvement of the environment. In addition to ensuring the growth of Emerging companies electrical components and vehicle transport companies, allow us to significantly reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas emissions.

 The electrification of transport, here is a niche for the future structuring jobs in Quebec, "stated Martine Ouellet.

"This initiative of the City of Montreal fits perfectly with the will of the Government of Quebec to advocate the electrification of transportation in Quebec and to significantly increase the development in the coming years," said Daniel Breton adds.

"As part of its Transportation Plan, the City of Montreal committed itself to transform and improve the transport system, in particular by integrating innovative solutions. Montreal has already pronounced in favor of the use of electric vehicles to promote the reduction of atmospheric pollution. By its accession to the electric circuit of Hydro-Quebec and the acquisition of 80 charging stations whose installation through the metropolis is planned by the end of the year, Montreal confirms its leadership in matters of electrification of transportation, "stated Mayor Blanchard.

"The deployment of the terminals 80 of the City of Montreal, entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec, bringing the number of terminals of the network has more than 250, which is great news for electric vehicle drivers and those considering a s' There convert, has said Pierre-Luc Desgagne, Vice President - Public and Governmental Affairs Hydro-Quebec, on behalf of the partners of the electric circuit. The concrete and significant involvement of the City made sure she becomes a partner that will provide the most service points. "

"The City is proud to accede to this initiative which will help to reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions - one of the main objectives of the Montreal community in matters of sustainable development - and encourage the use of renewable energies . Moreover, I encourage Montrealers to seriously consider choosing this type of vehicle in a future purchase, "said Menard says.

These terminals to 240 volts will be built in parking spaces belonging to the City, determined according to criteria aimed at ensuring the visibility and safe use. 80 across the City will be manufactured by the official supplier of the electric circuit, AddÉnergie Technologies. Revenues from the use of terminals acquired by the City will have its exclusive use.

Project of charging street

A pilot project for the installation of charging stations will be located in front of the downtown Montreal in the spring of 2014. This project will provide an opportunity to determine the scope of the needs related to the public charging on street taking into account climate quebecois and the urban fabric. Charging street is an issue in all major North American cities. This pilot project will position Montreal and the electric circuit to the forefront.

The Electric Circuit

The electric circuit remains a major initiative in the deployment of the charging infrastructure needed to support the arrival of electric vehicles and rechargeable Quebec.

The electric circuit is the largest network of public charging in Quebec and currently has 200 charging stations at 240 volts service including parking AMT and several RONA stores, grocery stores and rotisseries Metro St-Hubert in Quebec . Since its inauguration in March 2012, 46 private and institutional partners have joined the electric circuit. Expansion continues to provide greater geographical coverage and serve a larger number of EV drivers in several regions of Quebec.

Users of electric circuit beneficient a telephone helpline operates 24 hours on 24 and managed by CAA-Quebec and a locator service terminals. The Electric Circuit Web site is updated as and as new terminals are brought into service or deployed.

Map showing or will be located charging stations of electric circuit of the City of Montreal may be agreed to by the media

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