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Hyundai celebrates 30 years on the Canadian market

Hyundai is resolutely turned towards the future as she celebrates 30 years of innovation in Canada

Investments of $ 500 million annually in research and development continue to propel the Hyundai brand to the heights of industry

Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.. celebrated its 30th anniversary on the Canadian market by committing to continue to provide consumers with modern vehicles and quality, perfectly adapted to all lifestyles and all budgets. Whether saving technologies, hybrid vehicles, the "fluid sculpture" innovative prototypes have systems controls by eye movement or hand movement design, Hyundai's commitment to continue to innovate in fact a single manufacturer in a highly competitive automotive industry in Canada.

"Hyundai has always been bold. And the fact drilling the Canadian market only 16 years after its foundation and a good three years to establish themselves in the United States is a perfect example. It was a bold decision, but dare to dream big has always been one of the characteristics of our company, "said Steve Kelleher, president and chief executive officer of Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.. "Today, the range of Hyundai vehicles is more robust than ever. And although the range of vehicles will be considerably widened over the years, one thing remains unchanged: the ability to Hyundai marvel and dazzle Canadians.

As part of its 30th anniversary celebrations of the country, the manufacturer has launched a website dedicated exclusively to this event ( and presents the highlights of the company in Canada. The site also encourages Canadians to submit their most memorable moment with a Hyundai vehicle to have a chance to win a host of awards, including a 2013 Veloster with Tech and all echoshift DCT transmission.

Backed by an experience of thirty years in the country, the company management has reacted quickly to changes in customer values ​​in Canada. Hyundai is adjusted to meet customer expectations by offering the most desirable characteristics of all vehicles as with the 2010 launch of the design called "fluid sculpture". With 210 dealers across the country, Hyundai Auto Canada offers an enlarged range of vehicles including no fewer than nine models affecting virtually all segments of the market, whether it is sport utility vehicles, compact cars and luxury sedans .

Billions of dollars invested in research and development have led to the design of vehicles it established new standards, raising Hyundai to greater heights in the industry. In 2009, the Hyundai Genesis has won titles car of the year in North America and car of the year in Canada. In 2012, the Elantra has won the same title in its category. And this year, the Santa Fe Sport has received the title of utility vehicle of the year in Canada in 2013 with three Hyundai models are among the ten cars and light trucks sold in Canada to 2013 -. Elantra, Accent and Santa Fe Sport - Canadian consumers have also noticed this success.

"We are proud of our strong reputation for quality and exceptional fuel economy, but it is our unique" fluid sculpture "and our innovative technologies that engage consumers in Canada and which define our future design" of Mr. Kelleher added a veteran of 27 years in the business. "Our corporate signature - New ideas. New opportunities. - Perfectly represents the modernism that we wish to offer today and for the future automobile matter.

Not content to tread water, Hyundai offers a glimpse of what she reserves for the future by pushing the boundaries of the possible with its prototypes. Whether the prototype Genesis HCD-14 dynamic lines and equips advanced technology or luxury sport coupe Venace HND-9 interface with cockpit inspired high technology aircraft cockpits, the future Hyundai may not be as promising.

Among all automakers in the world, Hyundai is also the distinction of being the only one to possess its own steelworks, Hyundai Steel. This unique synergy between Hyundai Steel metallurgists and engineers at Hyundai is simply unmatched. This collaboration paves the way for more innovative lightweight and resistant steel alloys, thereby improving fuel economy and safety of all vehicles coming generations.

Hyundai Auto Canada also invests in the future of Canadian youth with its program Youth Hockey Hopes Hyundai. Launched in 2012, the community level program offers young disadvantaged Canadians financial assistance for the cost of the equipment and registration fees so they can play organized hockey. To date, more than 1,800 young people received a gift, while the second year of the program will help more young people to play a national sport of Canada.

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