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Toyota: A settlement of a billion dollars

An American judge has given his preliminary approval Friday to a settlement of a billion dollars with Toyota Motor Corp. in cases involving issues of unintended sudden acceleration of its vehicles, according to the lawyer of the complainant.

Attorney Steve Berman said in a statement that he was pleased that Judge James V. Selna has quickly gives initial approval.

Toyota says that the agreement Wednesday will resolve hundreds of lawsuits from motorists who said that the value of their vehicles had CHUTEE after the recall of vehicles the Japanese manufacturer who unintentionally accelerated.

The prior approval means that the Toyota vehicle owners included in the regulations, will receive information by means of notices should be sent by post at the beginning of March. Information on the regulations will be also published in newspapers across the country.

Mr. Selna provides for organizing a hearing on June 13 to give final approval.

Numerous complaints filed since 2009 have been consolidated in the court of Mr. Selna and divided into two categories: the economic losses and unwarranted death. Requests from people who want to be compensated for injuries or death due to sudden acceleration are not part of the Regulations. The first trial involving these actions is planned in February.

Toyota has recalled more than 14 million vehicles around the world because of the problems of acceleration and brake problems in the Prius hybrid.

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