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Ford Fusion and Escape 2013: new reminders

Ford just proceed to two consecutive recalls its 2013 Fusion sedan.

The first recall affects 1098 models in Canada for a problem connecting to the protective headlight beam, while the second makes reference to 10,650 models Fusion and Escape, 2013, referred to the risk of fire in the engine compartment.

Details of the first recall:

On some vehicles, the coating of the spotlight beam headlights may not have dried properly during the manufacturing process. In the long run, it could ensure that the coating is opaque, which would decrease the brightness of the headlights on low beam. Opaque headlights could cause the road and its users are less enlightened, which could cause an accident causing property damage or personal injury. Correction: Dealers will replace the headlights.

Details on the second reminder:

On some vehicles a 1.6L engine could be a fire in the engine compartment while the engine is running; the fire would be affected by a leak of flammable liquid (caused by engine overheating) that come into contact with the hot exhaust circuit. This material may damage property or hurt someone. Correction: To be determined.

Source: Transport Canada

Ford Fusion and Escape 2013: new reminders picture #1

Ford Fusion and Escape 2013: new reminders picture #2

Ford Fusion and Escape 2013: new reminders picture #3

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