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Chevrolet Sonic 2013: Recall of 120 models in Canada

General Motors of Canada Announces Recall of 120 models Chevrolet Sonic 2013 for abnormalities in the electrical circuit.

Transport Canada and the details of the recall

Some vehicles do not meet a CMVSS 108 - Lighting System and Retroreflective Devices. When flashing is not working, comfort, convenience modulus of these vehicles does not detect the problem and does not warn the driver.

Consequently, the desire to turn the driver could not be clearly transmitted to other road users, which increases the risk of an accident causing property damage or personal injury.

Correction: Dealers will reprogram the comfort and convenience ¬ Module keychains of the vehicle.

Chevrolet Sonic 2013: Recall of 120 models in Canada picture #1

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