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Volkswagen presents the new MQB platform

The Volkswagen Group will deploy this year its cross modular platform (called MQB for Modulare Querbaukasten) globally on brands Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen. In recent years, all the companies is prepared to change: thousands of Volkswagen engineers and thousands of engineers suppliers participated in development of this new platform, which will provide the Group with the deployment of all segments of the Polo Passat. In recent years everything has been done to ensure that our clients expensive aspects: effectiveness, safety, comfort, design and driving pleasure is-optimized today and in the future.

An impact on the design and habitability

Design and thanks to the remoteness unpublished proportions of the front wheels. And that's not all as passengers also benefit from an interior space optimized. Contrary to the principle of dedicated platform, the modular principle opens the way for a multitude of very different vehicles and for those niche. And, through for example a variable positioning of wheels.

Less consumption and pollution

The emission decreased significantly thanks to the new engine family and completely redesigned series of Staffing recovery system Start-Stop, the system of active management valve 4-cylinder engine meets European standards EU-6. Several million customers will benefit from the implementation of the MQB platform. This is more than a tonne of CO2 per year will be saved by the platform. And those who prefer a pipe 0 issuance, it will be possible from 2013 thanks to hybrids or fully electric models of Blue-e-motion.

A mastery weight

Thanks to a mixture of smart materials and principles of ultra-modern building, the MQB platform puts an end to the continued growth of the weight. New Golf for example that despite significant advances in comfort and security provides equal weight to that of his eldest, the 4th generation (1997 -2004). The program more driving pleasure and less consumption.

More safety and comfort

The principle of modular platform is accompanied by no less than 20 innovations in the field of security, support the conduct or infotainment, which until the vehicles were reserved for superior categories. The MQB platform provides compact cars today, a series of innovation: multi-collisions the system. This is also the case of many devices assists the conduct henceforth accessible to compact vehicles. Measurements suggest a significant reduction caroms in real conditions of traffic. Complement in the new system of active protection, the MQB platform enhances passive safety for all models thanks to an improved structure deformation.

Offer multiple infotainment

The concept of MQB platform was adapted to all infotainment systems. This gives access to features often exclusively reserved for high-end vehicles. The vehicle can now be equipped with touch screens which can use safely while driving thanks to an innovative surface. This is made possible thanks to a proximity sensor specially developed for Volkswagen - directly inspired look with the latest smartphones and tablets.

Responsibility culminating

The principle platform gives access to the latest technologies and most durable for purchasers of new vehicles. These are mostly innovations that benefit has all road users, not just drivers - and developments that can reduce pollution of the environment on all steps that produce a positive effect on society. Thanks to the great flexibility of the new platform, taking into account regional needs will be greatly facilitated.

Today and tomorrow synergies

All these aspects ensure the success of the Group in the current economic and ecological context. Through more and more important vehicles and teams involving suppliers of the Volkswagen Group in Europe and in the world, it is a strong commitment to meet the social challenges of today and tomorrow.

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