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Inspection and assessment mechanics minounes

Last week, the Environment Minister Pierre Arcand, tabled Bill 48 which will require owners of vehicles over eight years of age has to inspect their "beater".

In Quebec, it is estimated that more than 2.2 million vehicles accuse a very advanced age, which corresponds to 54% of quebecois fleet.

Thus from 2013, the inspection and maintenance program for motor vehicles (Pieva) will be activated and this by step. So it will be more than 450,000 vehicles that have more than eight years of age, which should be inspected annually.

An excellent approach that will allow us to breathe better and to roll the economy.

Here is the press release about it:


The Quebec en route to a program of inspection and maintenance of motor vehicles (Pieva)

Quebec, December 7, 2011 - The Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks,

Mr. Pierre Arcand, announced today that the first important step is to be reached in the process leading to the establishment of an inspection and maintenance of motor vehicles (Pieva) Program with the depot Bill to amend the Act on the quality of the environment for the inspection of motor vehicles.

The Minister made the announcement today in the presence of Mr. Andre Belisle, president of the Quebec Association against air pollution (AQLPA), Dr Francois Reeves, intervention cardiologist and associate professor in the Universite de Montreal, designer of the Chair of Environmental Cardiology, member of the Scientific Circle David Suzuki and the committee responsible environment Francophone Doctors Health Canada, and Mr. Pierre Beaudoin, Senior Director, Technical Services CAA-Quebec and former president of Table on the Environment and road vehicles.

The legislative changes proposed today are, among others, include new powers in the Act on the quality of the environment. These powers are essential tools precedent to the implementation of the new program. A settlement will then be developed and will be the subject of consultations to establish the different modalities of implementation.

"The Pieva is a step towards the realization of our ambitious goal to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 20% below 1990 levels in 2020. Through this program, we will fight again more effectively against air pollution and act simultaneously on two key fronts for the quality of life of the Quebecois or the public health and the environment, "said Minister Arcand.

Significant environmental gains

"The AQLPA wishes to recall that, as a result of its inspections last 600 light vehicles made in 2010, 25% of these vehicles do not meet minimum standards of operation of emission control system and many had a significant overage fuel. The implementation of a Pieva is fundamental to reduce fuel wastage and to restrict the presence of pollutants that are a source of smog, acid rain, destruction of the ozone layer and Global Warming . These air pollutants and waste fuel could not be adequately controlled and reduced without Pieva. So we welcome the government's initiative which is absolutely necessary. AQLPA thus expected that all elected act responsibly supporting the Minister Arcand in this gait, "said Andre Belisle added.

Profits for health

"Decarbonise energy through a variety of measures, this bill is part of a set of solutions that will lead to the attainment of the supreme goal of having lower rates of cardiovascular disease very significant way and beyond what medications, "stents" and other defibrillators can accomplish. This is to control a modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which control can prove to be more efficient in terms of cost-effectiveness that today spending billions genetic research. Again, it comes back to the first prevention plan, "says Dr. Reeves.

On after the 2008 report of the Canadian Medical Association, The air we breathe, the national cost of diseases attributable to atmospheric pollution, the economic cost of air pollution has reached about $ 8 billion and increase until $ 250 billion in Canada in 2031.'s air pollution would have serious consequences on the health of individuals and the demand for health services. For all regions Quebecoises, exposure to fine particles, ozone and a nitrogen oxides have been associated with 1,974 premature deaths, a 414 emergency visits for respiratory problems, 38 visits the emergency heart problems and 246,705 days with asthma symptoms in 2002. reduction at source of GHG emissions and atmospheric contaminants related to road transport thus appears as a key means to act on preventive way public health and environmental quality.

Improved Fleet

"In addition to the environmental benefits, such a program would promote assuredly better maintenance of vehicles eight years or more with all the consequent benefits, including resale value IMPROVED greater safety on our roads and optimal fuel consumption .

By itself, a fuel consumption of around 15% for a vehicle in evil point intermediate category can generate more $ 350 annually in additional cost of fuel, "said Pierre Beaudoin.

Steps precedent

"With today's announcement, we show our firm will to give ourselves the necessary tools to tackle a major source of our broadcasts, or transport. As potential environmental benefits of this program are substantial, we want to move forward as quickly as possible. That is why we will gradually proceed. This allows us to implement the first phase of the program in 2013 and able to widen thereafter building on a solid foundation, "declared Minister Arcand.

To enable the implementation of the program fast, inspection which will link environmental performance should the right to move, at first, only apply to vehicles of eight years or more in a change of ownership. This inspection program as part of an evolutionary approach, the pool of vehicles referred substantially increase during the second stage, which will subject all vehicles over eight years an environmental inspection required every two years. In a last step, the intention of the government to go even further by allowing possibly a pair of mechanical inspection process to be established. All of these conditions will be studied during the enactment by the government regulations to establish the parameters of Pieva.

"I appeal to my colleagues in the National Assembly that the draft law amending the Law on environmental quality and other legislative provisions travels quickly, so that we can meet our working echeancier and implement the Pieva the end of the year 2013, "concluded Pierre Arcand.

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