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Saab resumed production of its cars

Saab resumed production of its cars picture #1

Saab is still lack of liquidity

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Saab Automobile and Spyker signed a letter of intent with Pang Da Automobile

After a stop in the production of complex assemblies its Trollhattan in Sweden cars, which lasted for more than a month, here the different activities SAAB come back on.

To be more precise, say that the assembly line was able to restart on Friday May 27 at 10am. The plant was closed from April 6 for lack of liquidity.

This is all the recent agreement reached between the Dutch Spyker, owner of Saab, and Pang Da Chinese society that allowed the recovery of the situation. By this association, Saab sees an advance of funds ESTIMATED 30 million, which enables it to pay its various suppliers of parts and, by the very fact, to reopen its huge complex situated in Sweden.

A production accelerated

It really was time for the automaker to resume all activities it is estimated that it faces right now has a backlog has evaluated more than 6,500 cars and only has its assembly plant in Trollhattan. Of this number, 1,300 Saab delivered to the Chinese company Pang Da.

Recall that the production of the new compact SUV 9-4X Saab has just begun in Mexico in collaboration with GM. Simply because the Cadillac SRX and Saab 9-4X have been developed jointly by the two manufacturers.

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