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Photo radar will appear on the roads of Quebec in May.

They will be distributed in three regions, that of Montreal, Monteregie and Chaudiere-Appalaches, as part of a pilot project for 18 months.

Transport Minister Julie Boulet, made the announcement Tuesday in Montreal.

These speedometers, certain fixed and other mobile will be installed in 15 strategic locations determined by the pupil of accidents that have occurred there because of excessive speed or non-compliance with traffic lights number.

The Ministry of Transport explained that he had no intention of trying to trap motorists. Thus, places or will be installed photo radar will be easily identifiable thanks to many items of signaling.

Infringement findings sent to owners of offending vehicles come with the usual fines, but no demerit points shall be entered in the record of offending drivers.

Photo radar will appear on the roads of Quebec in May. picture #1

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