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Photo cameras are here to stay

Photo radar and red light surveillance - Transport Minister confirms the permanence of the devices, their deployment and the gradual establishment of a pilot project Quebec

The Transport Minister Pierre Moreau, has confirmed the continued use of photo radar devices and red light surveillance and progressive deployment, debutant in 2013 by the addition of 25 aircraft to 15 already in place. A committee of experts will provide recommendations to the Minister on the selection of locations. In addition, four other mobile speed cameras will be installed in Quebec City as part of a pilot project which will commence municipal cooperation, too, next year.

"The relevance of the use of photo radar devices and red light surveillance to improve road safety in Quebec is no longer in doubt. The pilot project was consensus among elected. He tested the parameters of this type of control, to familiarize the population with the presence of these devices and to establish benchmarks for the suites to give. Parliamentarians have a positive track record of experience, and the population is also shown predominantly favorable to this measure road safety. Confirming the permanence of devices and announcing their gradual deployment, we are going in the direction of improvement of road safety, "said the Minister of Transport.

Recommendations expected

Mr. Moreau has also specified that the bill complies with the recommendations of the parliamentary committee that studied the pilot project in fall 2011.

The committee of experts under the mandate deployment devices will take into account the selection of places of high potential risk of accidents and the difficulty of ensuring a traditional policing. Choices will be made in collaboration with regional and municipal authorities, and the police services concerned territories.

Signage will be maintained to inform transparently road users of the presence of devices on their journey.

Governance remain centralized, which will ensure uniformity in the actions and compliance with criteria of road safety at the base of the project.

The public will be informed of the implementation process and devices will access to a timely update of information on the project website.

Finally, a new section on photo radar devices and red light monitoring will be added in the Annual Management Report of the Ministry of Transport. Accountability will also be presented to the Committee on Transportation and the Environment.

A pilot project in Quebec City municipal cooperation

Moreover, for a minimum period of 18 months, debutant in 2013, are 4 mobile photo radar that will be available to the Police Service of the City of Quebec, in the framework of a pilot project to study a form applicable municipal cooperation with municipalities who own their own police service. "Quebec was the first city to respond positively to our proposal. It is not excluded that other municipalities followed suit not. Meanwhile, the leadership of the City of Quebec will make it a key partner in matters of road safety, "said Minister has Moreau.

"The deployment of this pilot project is excellent news, stressed Mayor Quebec, Mr. Regis Labeaume. It is in all of our actions in matters of road safety. Recall that our road safety strategy 2011-2013 is based on an integrated approach that includes awareness, policing and urban development. Mobile speed cameras will allow us to strengthen our efforts in this direction; this is an important deterrent. This is our message and hammering deployant several measures that we will face. Road safety is a great concern for citizens. Indeed, over two-thirds are concerned about speeding in residential neighborhoods. Board members and municipal governments share this concern. We must act! "

An opening to the presence of cameras in roadworks areas and school zones

Earlier today, Mr. Moreau has also deposited in the National Assembly a bill proposing the deployment of photo radar in areas where increased monitoring is necessary, such as areas of road construction and school zones. "These measures respond to requests formulated by road marshals, whose job is precisely to ensure the safety of all in the environment of a road construction site. They also allow us to strengthen safety to our children, "added the Minister.

"The experience of the pilot project has 15 locations across Quebec has proven the effectiveness of speed cameras in matters of road safety as a measure complementary to those already in place. It also demonstrates the relevance of us take action in municipal environment, even in areas of construction sites and school zones. There are a few decades, the road users have adopted the seat belt in Quebec. Now it is time to get used to the presence of photo radar devices and red light surveillance, which have also proved their effectiveness in matters of road safety and, above all, their ability to save lives " the Minister concluded.

Recall that all monies collected under this measure will continue to be paid to fund road safety, as is already the case in order to finance road safety measures or assistance to victims of road. Currently, the Fund has a surplus of nearly $ 5 million. The net profits will be used to ensure adequate deployment of devices and to support other measures addressing the most vulnerable users and road fatalities. The Minister of Transport will recommend this purpose by the advisory committee composed of members of the Quebec Table of road safety.

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Source: Ministry of Transport

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