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2011 Toyota Sienna: Recall of 12,600 vehicles

Toyota Canada announces voluntary safety recall of certain 2011 Sienna vehicles to replace the switch bracket lights stop

Toyota Canada has announced that it will undertake a voluntary safety recall involving approximately 12,600 2011 Sienna vehicles produced before early November 2010 to replace the switch bracket lights stop. When the driver depresses the brake pedal completely parking, the switch bracket could stop lights, in certain limited circumstances, be deformed by the driver's foot during parking brake application due to the proximity of the support contactor of stop lights with the parking brake pedal.

Depending on the degree of deformation of the medium, this condition could cause the brake lights remain on or, if the deformation is significant, the brakes could become partially engaged due to contact with the substrate, resulting in brake drag and s' accompanying noise and vibration of the brakes, and / or the activation of the warning witness brakes. If the vehicle operator does not notice this condition and continues to drive the vehicle, the effectiveness of the brakes could be reduced.

No other Toyota or Lexus vehicle is key in this recall, and Toyota is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with this condition has.

The switch bracket is welded stop lights on the left side of the bearing assembly of the brake pedal. The stop lamp switch to transmit a signal to indicate that the brake pedal is pressed and the lights stop lights.

In the near future, the owners of affected vehicles will be notified by first class mail an interim notice advising of the existence of recall with instructions indicating the procedure to follow if they notice the presence of the condition described above and how to minimize the possibility of inadvertent contact the switch bracket lights stop sinking when the parking brake pedal. This information will also be available on the Toyota website.

In early 2011, the owners will be mailed first class second reviews, the replacement parts will be available, which will require them to make an appointment with a Toyota dealer in order to make the correction for free.

Toyota dealers will replace the bracket assembly brake pedal, which includes support for lamp switch to stop by a new assembly that has been modified to take account of the proximity of the component with the parking brake pedal .

Guests will find detailed information and answers to their questions Interaction Centre Toyota Customer at 1-888-TOYOTA-8. Additional information on the safety of vehicles are available on

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