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The heat wave also affects vehicles, prevents CAA-Quebec

Over the past three days, the number of road service calls Receipts emergency CAA-Quebec has jumped 35%. Engine overheating, defective batteries and unlocking: any evidence, the overwhelming heat as motor vehicles.

"In a normal day in July, we treat about 1,500 roadside assistance calls. These days, the average gravitates around 2000. But rest assured that our members, we have the situation well in hand and our response times are very good, given the demand, "says Sophie Gagnon, Senior Director, Public and Government Relations. However, because very simple verifications could prevent inconvenience, especially in this holiday season, CAA-Quebec reminds motorists some rules that make the difference during a heat wave.

Engine overheating - Because the cooling system works harder when it's hot, it is important to check its different components: hoses, water pump, fins, state cooler, etc.. The coolant should be in sufficient quantity, good quality, in addition to being composed of a mixture of antifreeze and water according to the manufacturer's instructions, usually half-half.

Battery - If the heat stimulates the battery to improve the power, it decreases against longevity since accelerated wear. It actually increases the deterioration grids and separators, in addition to creating the risk of overload, which causes premature aging of all parts of the battery. CAA-Quebec, the entire electrical system should be also part of what to check.

"A preventive visit to his garage and also more vigilant, even on vacation, here should avoid a lot of trouble," says Ms. Gagnon. "On holidays or when driving in unfamiliar areas can sometimes be less sensitive to light witnesses dashboard ... or distracted when out of the car while the keys are still there! Attention also has the interior of the car that can turn into a real oven: if the child is left is in danger, the pet is just as important. "

In these hot days, CAA-Quebec invites motorists out their owner's manual to review the recommendations in the event of overheating, as these may vary from vehicle to another. Thus, the indicator light or gauge of temperature suggest that the engine overheats, then they will know what to do, including the need to store securely on the side of the road as possible. Probably also need to run the engine at idle, the necessary time to see if the temperature gauge goes down, if it takes off the ignition and then ask for help. Finally, it is then recommended to go as soon as possible in a machine shop to avoid further trouble.

The heat wave also affects vehicles, prevents CAA-Quebec picture #1

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