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Boomerang senbilise us flying vehicles

Boomerang launches for the third time this month Awareness flight vehicles to educate the public on how to properly protect their vehicle

Consumers through the Quebec still continue to pay the price for the problem of theft of vehicles. That is why Reperage Boomerang, a leader in Canada in stolen vehicle tracking, launches for the third time in July the month of awareness stolen vehicles to provide drivers with valuable information on how to properly protect themselves.

Professional thieves are now using new methods

To recent statistics published by Statistics Canada show that 125,000 vehicles have disappeared in Canada in 2008, one every four minutes, confirming the theft of vehicles remains a costly crime for every driver on the road.

The vehicle theft rate in Montreal is 30% higher than the Canadian average of 50 vehicles per day are stolen in the streets of Montreal. Even more alarming, the Insurance Bureau of Canada reported that 2 of 3 vehicles stolen in the Montreal area are not recovered. This is due largely to the fact that the majority of flights of vehicles is the practice of professional thieves.

Peter Lambrinakos, Commander of the Police Department of the City of Montreal, notes that thieves use new ways to steal cars. "Some organizations remove the lock on the door of the vehicle, connect a computer to the engine control module, extract the information of the vehicle, call the lock and exit the vehicle. With this information in hand, thieves can easily make a copy of the key and can steal the vehicle and when they see fit. Other thieves go in search of luxury cars through the classified ads on the Internet. They then call the owner for an appointment, try doing a road with car and steals. "Concluded the Commander Lambrinakos.

Thieves also target more often sport utility vehicles, according to Marc Moreau, Corporal Team National Surveys of Port. "We find many Toyota, BMW and Mercedes stolen from containers that are to be exported to South Africa and Eastern Europe. On average, we find between 80 and 100 vehicles per month. "Mr. Moreau has commented.

The reality of flight vehicles

A resident of Montreal, Mireille Alvo, has recently suffered the theft of its new Toyota Matrix just three months after she had purchased. After having such a station every day his car in the parking lot of his work, it is returned at the end of day to find his empty parking space and found his car. "It was horrible. You feel assaulted. It's just a car and it's the reality, but it is not only losing a car but also a sense of confidence. I must continue to park in this parking lot was all day, so I had to restore confidence in this environment. "She says.

The consequences of the flight

While it is true that most insurance covers the loss of a vehicle, drivers should expect to pay at least $ 2,500 out of pocket expenses related to the flight as the volatilized items in the vehicle, loss of use of vehicle, loss of the initial deposit, the eventual costs of car hire and increased insurance premiums on a replacement vehicle. The prevalence of vehicle theft and its consequences are real for every driver. "While many drivers may believe that the theft of vehicles is a problem that will never happen to them, this is unfortunately not always the case." Says Scott Nilson, Director General of Reperage Boomerang. "Every driver has a hand to play to stop the theft of vehicles: it is essential that consumers play a proactive role in order to protect themselves. We believe that the driver uses more layers of protection, the vehicle will be more security. "

For Madame Alvo, it is not only the vehicle she lost. "I had a lot of personal CD that had been made there 10 or 15 years. These are not things that I can replace because they were made by people who were in my life at the time. I felt a sense of aggression as if someone entered your home. Trust again is a very difficult thing to do. "

The need to protect

The Police Department of the City of Montreal recommends the following safety tips for the protection of privacy and the prevention of theft:

-    Park your car in a well lit place

-    Lock all the doors of your vehicle

-    Install Anti-starter and lock the steering wheel

-    Install a tracking system vehicle Boomerang

-    Equip your vehicle with an alarm system

-    Use a marking of pieces

-    Do not leave anything in your vehicle saw including cellular, computer or handbag

More during the month of July, Boomerang will update its YouTube channel with the testimony of three parts of a resident of Montreal who experimented the theft of his vehicle. The first part of today can be viewed on / boomerangtracking.

Actual results of

Since its inception in 1995, Boomerang Tracking repere nearly 7,000 vehicles representing a value of over $ 350 million, including incidental REPERAGES.

To educate the Quebec population against theft of vehicles, Reperage Boomerang publishes guide protection against theft of vehicles the footsteps. It includes an overview of the status of stolen vehicles in Canada and the four means of prevention against theft. An electronic version is available on the / knowledge

See the Guide to protection against theft of your vehicle

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