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Jaguar XKR 75: Reservee 75 fans of the brand

The prestigious British brand Jaguar, now administered by the Indian conglomerate Tata, today announced it will produce only 75 copies of the XK R 75, a version of the XKR commemorating the 75th anniversary of the brand.

This seductive and powerful appetite will debut to the public this weekend as part of the holding of the "Goodwood Festival of Speed."

Jaguar like no other

This new declination of the Jaguar XKR differentiates the models of series by a body kit including skirts, spoilers and deflectors which give it a lot more character. In addition, it will be offered only color "Stratus Grey." Each customer may, at his guide, add a chart that will extend over the entire length of the car.

The interior is granted a charcoal gray has associated appliques ivory color. Black, dashboard and console are adding a very sporty character that happy passengers will rightly appreciate.

A more dynamic Jaguar

Suspensions have received special treatment so they can provide increased stiffness by 28% in the front and 32% at the rear. A control system of differential active mission is to grant greater stability at very high speeds. History curb her impulses, she uses red calipers, which are harbingers of an extremely powerful braking.

An even more powerful Jaguar

The thundering V8 5.0-liter supercharged sees its power increase from 510 to 530 horses and riding couple 483 lb-ft, an increase 22 lb-ft. According to the data of the manufacturer, the Jaguar XKR 75 passes the 100 km / h in just 4.4 seconds compared to 4.8 seconds obtained by the Jaguar XK R series.

Jaguar XKR 75 will go on sale next month. It will be available at a very reasonable price which will be around 125,000 euros ($ 162,000 CDN).

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