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Spyker does not loose grip ...

Spyker does not loose grip ... picture #1

Recovery Saab: Chinese or Russian dollars ...

Spyker does not loose grip ... picture #2

GM puts the key in the door of its subsidiary Saab

Last Friday, the announcement that the talks between General Motors and the Dutch-builder Spyker came to an end, bringing GM have to close its Saab division, has not really surprised many people.

But the big surprise came forty-eight hours later with a new offering called the last chance, from Spyker.

The latter seems to demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that the Dutch company and its partners, are more than ever interested in acquiring Saab and despite the failure of the initial negotiations.

The offer is being studied by the senior management of GM, has eleven points were increased to meet more diligently the requirements of american.

Like Volvo, another Swedish manufacturer who is looking for new owners, offer to take over Saab should ensure that it remains a Swedish entity, to ensure its survival and keep factories open to to save as many jobs.

The rights of intellectual property of technologies exploited by these manufacturers is still and always a source of major dilemmas for the management of the new General-Motors. Who feared like the plague to see these last be purposely used to produce and market competitive to those of GM vehicles, including emerging markets such as China, India and of course that of countries Eastern Europe.

The acceptance or rejection of this cons-offensive from Spyker, should not take much time, because time is short and that despite this new approach, all the same GM continues to study the different avenues that are available to it to dismantle Saab ...

Spyker does not loose grip ... picture #3

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