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Saab sees his old technology pass into the hands of BAIC

Saab sees his old technology pass into the hands of BAIC picture #1

GM puts the key in the door of its subsidiary Saab

Saab sees his old technology pass into the hands of BAIC picture #2

Spyker Saab is interested in resuming

Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. (BAIC), which yesterday was one of the main partners of the manufacturer Koenigsegg to take control of Saab, has all the same after the failure of talks with GM to bring purchaser of the former technology found on models 9-3 and 9-5 previous generation. BAIC is a big player on the Chinese automotive chessboard, as it is situated on the 5th place among the leading local manufacturers.

A beautiful 'deal' to BAIC

This new agreement between the Chinese company and GM expects that the Chinese manufacturer can obviously stand purchaser of the equipment, which is based on the development and maintenance of this particular technology, which still remains even relatively modern for us, but which represents a dramatic technological Envolee on Chinese soil.

Through this approach, it is obvious that the Swedish engineers will be able to collaborate with their vis-a-vis BAIC to gradually integrate these technologies into vehicles who will benefit these and other engines and their different elements peripherals.

But beware, there is no question of seeing vehicles produced by BAIC become Saab, 'Made in China', quite the contrary.

Although no amount has been disclosed about the transaction, we can readily guess for BAIC, it is a good 'deal' which will allow him to quickly access advanced technology, for them, without having to put in years of research and developments that ultimately would have coutees much more.

Always has a buyer

In addition to this new twist in the GM / Saab saga, the Americaine nevertheless continues in its efforts to sell the Suedoise to the buyer, which will provide the most pognons and which can ensure the survival of the latter.

Currently, the small Dutch manufacturer Spyker and its Russian associates seem more interested in wanting to resume Saab. Confirmation is expected by the end of the year, or if you prefer here a fortnight ...

In the end, it is likely that market forces will have to bring closure to new lame ducks in the automotive industry.

Saab sees his old technology pass into the hands of BAIC picture #3

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