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Hyundai becomes 5th largest manufacturer

In 1999, South Korean manufacturer Hyundai occupied 11th place in global automobile manufacturers, at its sales worldwide. In 2004, this new giant which also includes the Kia brand has pledged to become the world's leading manufacturer of 5th 2010. Yet, according to the latest figures REVEALED by the bible of the automotive world, Automotive News in the 2008 edition of its report entitled Global Market Data ', in which it is announced that the Hyundai-Kia group has climbed to 5th rank among the largest automakers in the world.

This means that it has exceeded the manufacturer Honda and it took less than two years provided for, to achieve this goal. His next challenge is to get the 3rd place in 2012 and to do this, it will replace Ford's 4th and Volkswagen currently holds this coveted spot.

After the Japanese, it is now the turn of South Koreans

To realize this feat, it will increase its global sales of more than 2 million units to dislodge Ford and add some 300,000 units to take over 3rd row facing a Volkswagen, compared to figures of overall sales 2007.

If we look at the current economic situation, exceed the manufacturer Ford is struggling increasingly has little economic sell products without being able to offer vehicles consume less, it is clear that if the trend continues, as seems Bernard Derome, Hyundai should not be very difficult to exceed the latter in the coming years because the cars category compact and subcompact hybrid at this time have the odds in America and the 'Big Three' lags seriously behind in these battlements increasingly busy, including Asians, whose reputation for manufacturing small economic cars is no longer done. Unfortunately, this reminds me of the chaotic situation experienced by these same actors in the oil crisis of 1973, but this time it seems much more alarming for them.

Volkswagen dislodge his 3rd place may be much more complicated, even if it only sold 300,000 units more than Ford in 2007. Quite simply, because these two giants of the automobile have seen their sales Climbing vertiginous way in recent years, thanks especially to all net growth in Asian markets, especially China and India, where these two gladiators of the automotive world are engaged in a battle at all times.

The countries of Eastern Europe

Russia is also a very fertile field for all manufacturers. Many of them sell out there, even up some of their vehicles assemble products. Hyundai enjoys great popularity in this region of the world, especially in the so-called Eastern European country, without forgetting that Volkswagen is also very engagee. And that's not all, as has from now, we must take into consideration the agreement signed in 2008 between manufacturers Renault-Nissan and AvtoVAZ (Lada) to develop a design and manufacture of new products jointly ads a price ridiculous to join a wider clientele, particularly in emerging markets in Eastern Europe.

Although the Big Three U.S. win and win too much ground in these markets boiling, Volkswagen and Hyundai-Kia remains the most aggressive with this Chapter, even facing Toyota Super ...

Global sales rank in 2007

1. Toyota 9366000

2. GM 8902252

3. Volkswagen 6191618

4. Ford 5964000

Hyundai-Kia 3,961,629 5.

6. Honda 3831000

Nissan 3,675,574 7.

8 428. PSA/Peugeot3 400

9. Chrysler 2676268

10. Fiat 2620864

Source: Automotive News

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Hyundai becomes 5th largest manufacturer picture #2

Hyundai becomes 5th largest manufacturer picture #3

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