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JD Power we present the four best vehicles assembled in Canada

Five Canadian plants are among the top 15 institutions in North America and South America, compared to four in 2007

Four models of vehicles manufactured in Canada topped their category, compared to three in 2007, and another model ranks among the top three in its class, according to the study of initial quality in the United States 2008 (2008 U.S. Initial Quality Study (SM)) JD Power and Associates, which was released today.

Here are the models that dominate the ranking:

Honda Civic (manufactured at the Honda plant in Alliston, Ontario) ranks first compact car for the second year in a row (1).            

The Lexus RX (built at the Toyota Motor Corporation Cambridge, Ontario) came head from polyvalent average size for a second year on vehicles.            

Pontiac Grand Prix sedan (manufactured at the plant of General Motors Corporation Oshawa, Ontario) ranks first among large cars.            

Chevrolet Silverado LD (manufactured at the truck plant General Motors Corporation Oshawa, Ontario) ranks first among large vans (1).            

Mercury Grand Marquis (manufactured at the plant of Ford Motor Company in St. Thomas, Ontario) ranks third among large cars.

(1) Among the units of this model sold in the United States, some is produced in Canada.            

In addition, five Canadian plants are among the top fifteen institutions of North America and South in regard to the initial quality according to the study, which is an improvement compared to 2007, while four Canadian plants were part of this palmares. These are the following plants: General Motors (cars) has Oshawa, Ontario; Honda Canada Alliston, Ontario; General Motors (trucks) has Oshawa, Ontario; Toyota Motor Sales in Cambridge, Ontario; and Ford Motor Company, St. Thomas, Ontario. "As car manufacturers continue to improve their levels of initial quality, increasing competition for domestic plants in terms of manufacturing quality vehicles very high," explained Richard Cooper, vice-president of Canadian activities JD Power and Associates. "This is a critical element of the ongoing battle to keep jobs related to automobile production in Canada and to attract new investment in the country. Seems that Canadian plants are able to satisfy consumers who are increasingly demanding in terms of quality. "

Winners of the 2008 awards for the quality of production

The assembly plant of Mercedes-Benz in Sindelfingen, Germany, receives the Platinum Award for producing vehicles with the fewest defects and abnormalities. The factory are manufactured or CL classes, CLS, E sedan, wagon E and S Mercedes-Benz shows an average of only 33 problems per 100 vehicles quality (PP100). Plants laureates are selected solely on the number of defects and anomalies. Among the plants of North America and South America, and the Toyota Tacoma produced its model in Baja California, Mexico, deserves a Gold award in the Asia-Pacific area, the Gold Award went to the factory Toyota Fujimatsu, Japan, or is made the Toyota Prius.

Results of the study on the initial quality in the United States 2008

The study on the initial quality in the United States serves as a reference to the industry as to the quality of new vehicles measured 90 days after purchase. It is widely used by automakers around the world, who want to design and produce better vehicles and by consumers, who need help making a decision to purchase. Over the years, the original quality has proved to be an excellent indicator of the long-term sustainability of a vehicle, an element that can have a considerable influence on the purchasing decisions of consumers. The study identifies the problems that affect owners in two distinct categories, namely the quality of the design and defects and anomalies. Initial quality has progressed significantly in the automotive sector in 2008. Indeed, nearly three-quarters of the 36 brands were classified displays notable gains. The general quality has improved, as evidenced by the PP100 which was established in 2008 to 118, down from 125 in 2007.            

"Thanks to the introduction of some great new vehicles, combines a sustained reduction in the level of defects and anomalies, the general quality has increased by 6% in 2008 compared to 2007," said David Sargent, vice president of research in the automotive sector JD Power and Associates. "This improvement is due to the excellent progress of many brands has high production volume, such as Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota, but also by those very many other major automakers. The fact that the whole industry has increased testifies to the attention that manufacturers give to feedback from their customers and what they have done to take account of these comments in the creation, design and production of better quality vehicles. As we work in close collaboration with the industry, we are able to observe the importance that is accorded to the initial quality. Such efforts produce tangible results for both automakers and consumers. "            

According to the study, the general improvement is, in a proportion of 86%, due to the elimination of defects and anomalies. The ability to minimize the problems of design remains a challenge for the industry, particularly given the fact that new technologies, such as navigation devices and entertainment, are becoming more common in new vehicles. "As consumer demand continues to grow for technologies of wireless communication, navigation and audio systems and new FCT, manufacturers face various challenges related to the integration of these devices in their vehicles," stated Mr. Sargent. "In particular, the low conviviality audio controls and entertainment as well as malfunction of the systems of speech recognition among the top ten problems most frequently reported by consumers. As more and more governments in the United States make it mandatory the use of hands-free devices for drivers, car manufacturers will have to pay constant attention to these technologies. "            

The study also revealed that in terms of sales of new vehicles in 2008, abandoning consumers increasingly large models in favor of smaller ones. "This trend preferences of buyers of a new vehicle is partly due to the rapid rise in gasoline prices," he says Sargent. "Despite this difficult environment, there is good news for consumers: they can choose with confidence to a vehicle with reduced size, because there are many models with high initial quality in the category of small vehicles According to forecasts. JD Power and Associates, is expected to launch 28 new models of compact vehicles by 2010, and will be particularly important to ensure that manufacturers provide the basic quality of these novelties. "

Highlights of the study on the initial quality in the United States 2008

Honda dominates three categories, more than any other brand in the study in 2008, with the Civic, CR-V and Fit. The following models arrive in mind two categories: Chevrolet (Malibu and Silverado LD); Dodge (Dakota and Durango); Infiniti (EX series and M); Lexus (LS and RX); and Mercedes-Benz (CLK Class and E). Across the industry, this is the Porsche 911 has the fewest quality problems, with just 67 problems per 100 vehicles. The series E Ford, Lincoln Navigator, Mazda MX-5 Miata, Pontiac Grand Prix Sedan and Toyota Sequoia also deserve the honors of their categories.            

"In recent years, automakers have often struggled to offer new models of very high initial quality," said Sargent. "As launches and product changes often pose problem for manufacturers in terms of quality, it is particularly impressive that the Chevrolet Malibu and Infiniti EX series reach levels high enough quality to dominate their category the year of launch. " For the third year in a row, Porsche exceeds competing brands and obtains an overall average score of 87 PP100. Behind it, there is the Infiniti brand (which occupied the 9th place in 2007), Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota, respectively. This is the Audi brand that knows the largest increase in ranking from 26th place in 2007 to 10th in 2008. "Porsche brand continues to improve and she succeeds in increasing the score that separates the brand presented in second place, this difference amounting to 11 PP100 in 2008, compared to 3 PP100 in 2007, "said Mr. Sargent.            

The study on the initial quality of 2008 based on the answers given by more than 81,500 people who bought or leased a new model of car or truck in 2008, and 90 days after the acquisition or lease of vehicle. It includes 228 questions designed to provide manufacturers with information to enable them to detect the problems more easily and improve their products. The study was undertaken between February and April 2008. For more information on the assessment of the quality of new vehicles, as well as pictures of the models and their features, visit site.

J. D. Power and Associates

JD Power and Associates, whose registered office is in Westlake Village, Calif., is a global information services company and marketing involved in the business sectors cles of market research, forecasting, the improvement of performance, training and customer satisfaction. The evaluations of the company in matters of quality and satisfaction measurements are based on responses provided annually by millions of consumers. JD Power and Associates is a company of The McGraw-Hill Companies.

The McGraw-Hill Companies

Founded in 1888, the Company The McGraw-Hill Companies is a leader in the delivery of global information services provider meeting worldwide needs in the financial markets services, education and business information markets worldwide, through the intermediary of leading brands such as Standard & Poor's, McGraw-Hill Education, BusinessWeek and JD Power and Associates. The company has more than 280 offices in 40 countries. In 2007, its sales totaled $ 6.8 billion. For more information, please visit site.

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