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Quebec politics first sustainable mobility: CAA-Quebec decides

Quebec politics first sustainable mobility: CAA-Quebec decides picture #1

CAA Quebec is always flooded with calls

Quebec politics first sustainable mobility: CAA-Quebec decides picture #2

CAA-Quebec invites young people to speak eco-driving

Anxious to participate actively in the consultation for the adoption of the future policy of sustainable mobility expected in the fall, CAA-Quebec has presented in a memorandum addressed to the government, its vision and recommendations to inspire in important choices that will do to promote real sustainable mobility for the Quebecois. However, even before the government builds his policy, CAA-Quebec asked to publicly recognize the real contribution of motorists to public transit funding that rises already at 22% and 7% had not, as the vehicle is wrong consultation document.

An impressive contribution to be taken into account

In 2013-2014, it is more than $ 1.3 billion to be paid to public transport by motorists, has as indirect beneficiaries of these services essentially based on the principle that the polluter pays. "This takes a given very different lighting on the reality and it is clear that the government must resist the temptation to dip into the pockets of only indirect beneficiaries that are motorists required to increase the funding of public transport. To be fair, the government must rely on other sources of income and certainly, by other indirect beneficiaries will be adjusted meme that direct users' precise Sophie Gagnon, assistant vice-president for public relations government and CAA-Quebec.

Avoid oppose public transport and road network

The organization warns the government not to fall into the trap that oppose the maintenance and improvement of road infrastructure has increased the supply of the two concepts being largely complementary rather public transport. A well maintained road network and efficient remains crucial to public transport. Similarly, the concept of road development will benefit has to be clearly defined in order to promote a common understanding of the issues, and it should be subject to transparent and objective criteria to assess the relevance of many projects.

Preferer the effectiveness spectacularly

CAA-Quebec approved the idea to give absolute priority to the immediate increase in the supply of services in lightweight mode (eg, bus rather than the tram) to encourage as many people to opt for this solution. The organization also called for concrete goals for reducing congestion are fixed as well as precise targets, measurable and transparent in this regard. A revision of the methods of awarding financial aid stuff for transport and increasing the pathways that are reserved to them, including carpooling, are also among the recommendations contained in the memory.

Review the governance

CAA-Quebec asks the Government to re-evaluate the model of governance to enable prioritization of major projects across Quebec, more effective management and reporting transparently accounts. According to the organization, these conditions precedent to the accession of population policy for sustainable mobility and renewed vision for public transport. "Stagnation, cost overruns and chronic delays in several projects have their place and require more in-depth review of the ways of doing things, particularly in the greater Montreal area," says Gagnon.

Avoid overtaxing gasoline

Recognizing the need for increased funding for public transit, CAA-Quebec believes that the government should consider other ways to find funds that the increase in the tax on gasoline, a product of first necessity already surcharge. "Neutral experts have clearly demonstrated that there is simply no possible tax increase on gasoline in Quebec; this is the place in North America or the tax rate is higher, "said Ms. Gagnon. Therefore, CAA-Quebec, briefly explores in his memory a few tracks that can provide additional income to public transport.

Finally, CAA-Quebec warns the government against the temptation to increase sources of funding on one side, while on the other, it decreases in the same proportion contribution. We must not repeat the mistakes of the past and the discussion surrounding the renewal of municipal fiscal pact will also be very important for the improvement of transport.

Can take cognizance of the memory and its summary in the public-Defense Interests section of interests

CAA-Quebec, an organization non-profit founded in 1904, offers its 1,220,000 members services and privileges in the fields of automotive, travel, residential and financial services.


Quebec politics first sustainable mobility: CAA-Quebec decides picture #3

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