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Reaction Suzuki Canada Inc. in its woes vis-a-vis American

Suzuki Canada Inc. today announced that despite the decision communicated earlier today by its affiliate, American Suzuki Motor Corp., To focus its activities on long-term growth of its divisions motorcycles, vehicles off-road and boating gradually reducing new car sales in order to terminate in the continental United States, Suzuki Canada currently does not expect to end the new car sales in Canada.

Although American Suzuki conduct a reorganization of its activities through a restructuring under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code of the United States, Suzuki Canada is not considering any form of restructuring under court supervision in Canada.

"Customers Suzuki can continue to purchase new vehicles, to get a service after-sales parts and accessories in more confidence to take full advantage of the guarantee program Suzuki Canada," stated Bill Porter, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing cars, Suzuki Canada. "Suzuki Canada, including its automotive division continues to conduct normal business activities in Canada and meet all its commitments to customers. "

"Although Suzuki Canada continues to monitor market conditions taking into account the measures taken in the United States, we currently do not expect to change the activities of Suzuki Canada because of events that occurred in the United States," says Porter. "Suzuki Canada remains proud of its new 2013 car models whose production will continue as planned. "

The customer service, distribution and supply chain Suzuki Canada will continue without interruption:

Clients Suzuki Canada - Guarantees and other commitments in matters of after-sales services of the company remain unchanged.

Employees of Suzuki Canada - The employees will continue to report for work as expected. The remuneration and benefits will continue without interruption.

Distribution Suzuki - Suzuki Canada expects to continue to distribute vehicles, parts and accessories of high quality Suzuki in the foreseeable future.

Providers Suzuki - Suzuki Canada providers continue to be paid for the delivery of products and services, and supply will continue without interruption.

Source: Suzuki Canada Inc.

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