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Spyker GM continues to 3000000000

The small Dutch manufacturer Spyker and its partners are trying, somehow, to sell the Swedish manufacturer Saab since last year.

However, whenever presented itself a potential buyer, General Motors - which always holds technical patents - opposed the sale of Saab, and has design to protect its technology approaches developed at GM was the age or portfolio holder for Saab.

In 2010, Spyker and its partners have disbursed $ 400 million to acquire the Swedish brand, which now had to declare bankruptcy.

A further $ 3 billion

That the owners of Saab suing for $ 3 billion against General Motors, which would have prevented the sale of Saab to a Chinese company, which would have allowed the Swedish brand to restructure instead of being bankrupted.

Spyker GM continues to 3000000000 picture #1

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