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Audi bought Ducati: a beautiful gift for Ferdinand Piech

The former head of the Volkswagen Group, Ferdinand Piech, who is still chairman of the supervisory board of the German giant, this week celebrated its 75th birthday.

But what has this gift giving genie of the automotive world, if not to offer him on a silver platter, brand motorcycle fetish, Ducati.

Right circumstances, it is ultimately what is going on in the offices of the Volkswagen management this week.

Officially, it is the Audi brand has acquired Ducati, which is one of 10 brands of cars and vehicles belonging to the Volkswagen Group.

BMW motorcycles in the crosshairs

This purchase realized by Audi, can not be foreign to the fact that his eternal rival Bavarian is also a major manufacturer of motorcycles, just as famous as his vehicle.

The year passes, the motorcycle division of BMW was able to acquire the Husqvarna brand.

We can therefore expect a new confrontation between the marketing departments of two German companies.

A great catch

In the 50 years, Audi had already tried the experience of manufacturing motorcycles. An attempt that has ever been on.

Brand Ducati, whose head office is located in Bologna, Italy, was born in 1926.

Today, this company is considered as one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. In a sense, this is like the Harley-Davidson Italians.

Ducati sells annually more than 42,000 motorcycles and 1,100 salaried account.

It is estimated that Audi would have paid the modest sum of € 860 million to offer Ducati.

It remains only to authorities to endorse the acquisition of Ducati by Audi.

Audi bought Ducati: a beautiful gift for Ferdinand Piech picture #1

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