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The benefit of Chrysler fell by 65%

The American automaker Chrysler appears Monday a profit falling 65 percent in the first quarter, sales of his former models who fell before the arrival of new products.

Its quarterly profit figure was U.S. $ 166 million, compared to U.S. $ 473 million last year. Its revenue slips 6 percent to U.S. $ 15.4 billion.

Chrysler revealed that its shipment of vehicles had decreased by six percent to 574,000, mainly because the company has ceased production of the SUV Jeep Liberty last year. Chrysler start producing his replacement, the Jeep Cherokee in an Ohio plant later this year.

The launch of the Grand Cherokee in 2014 and 2013 Ram Heavy Duty also reduced deliveries, which leaden income.

The decline of earnings occurs even though Chrysler's sales jumped eight percent around the world, some 563,000 cars and trucks having found a buyer in the first quarter.

The company predicts a strong performance for its second half.

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