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Mazda Car offers very popular with Germans

The Mazda2, Mazda3 and MX-5 has been honored by several studies in Europe JD Power

• A study of customer satisfaction has spent three best models Mazda vehicles in their segment in Germany and the United Kingdom

• The Mazda3 ranks first of 117 models in Germany

• The Mazda2 and Mazda3 sacred best vehicles in their segment by a German study

• The MX-5 roadster elected best sports car by a British study, only four months after having crossed the 900,000 units produced

Mazda customers are among the most satisfied with the European continent. This reality was once again highlighted by two studies of customer taken place this year in JD Powers Germany and the United Kingdom satisfaction. These two steps of first importance automobiles, some 17,000 vehicle owners have been invited to assign a rating to their vehicle in the following areas: driving dynamics, handling, cost of use, reliability and mechanical quality interior.

In Germany, the Mazda3 is not only topped the compact category, but it has also got more points than each of the 117 other competing models and clinched the gold medal in front of the Mercedes A-Class and Honda Civic. Very dynamic Mazda2 has also been put to the honor, since it is classified first in the supermini segment, before the Dacia Logan and the Mini. With these excellent results, Mazda comes in third in the ranking of the 28 brands represented in this study, thus gaining a place in relation to the year passes.

In the study conducted by JD Power in the United Kingdom, the Mazda MX-5 has again won first place in the segment of sports cars. But she does much more in mind that reaching its category. Roadster Mazda got even higher than that which allowed him to win the last year satisfaction index; it has largely remotely Volkswagen Scirocco, and luxury sports such as the Audi TT and Mercedes-Benz CLK and SLK. This new title comes just four months after the release of 900 copies 000th MX-5 chains of Japanese production, which earned him a place on its new name in the Guinness Book of World Records under the two-seater convertible sports sellers of all time. Remarkably reliability and an amazing longevity, most of these vehicles are still in circulation. Eminently popular in all markets where it is marketed, the MX-5 has literally passionate enthusiasm all European sports cars by its agility in the MX-5 Ice Race held in Sweden at the beginning of this year. Cult vehicle par excellence, he has his own fan clubs and dedies websites, and of unconditional worldwide.

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Mazda Car offers very popular with Germans picture #2

Mazda Car offers very popular with Germans picture #3

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