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The new 2015 Ford Mustang is unveiled


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The new 2015 Ford Mustang is unveiled picture #5

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Car & Driver unveiled the Ford Mustang 2015!

A new era for this iconic thoroughbred opens today as the new Ford Mustang, beneficiant innovative technologies and achieving world-class performance, is simultaneously launched in six cities on the planet, spread over four continents.

"The Ford Mustang inspires passion like no other car," says Raj Nair, general vice president of Global Product Development. "People admire both the appearance that the sonority and the performance of the Mustang, even if they have never driven one, he said. The Mustang is not just a car - it's the very essence of Ford. "

Subject to a continuous production for 50 years, the Mustang possesses an impact that goes far beyond the 9 million models sold. This vehicle is the most likes on Facebook, which is also found in thousands of appearance in cinema, on television, in music and in video games. It is also the first time that consumers in some strategic markets in Europe and Asia will get the Mustang.

"We built this model in inspiring us thoroughbred Mustang: an iconic American car that symbolizes optimism and freedom for millions of people around the globe," said Jim Farley, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Sales and service on a global scale at Ford and Lincoln.

A whole new look, but undeniably a Mustang

An all new design has both the Mustang leaking roof as the convertible, highlights the essential character of the brand, while retaining the core elements of its design and in particular its long hood and carved lid short, being a contemporary execution.

"We have one chance to make a good impression the first time, and seeing the Mustang, we see immediately how it was necessary," said Moray Callum, Director General of the design, The Americas, Ford .

Several design features define the new Mustang, including:

A wide stance with surbaissee reduction of the height of the roof, rear wings and most impressive track widened

The return of the Mustang leaking roof and profile race thanks to a windshield and a rear window more inclined

Taillights of a three-dimensional bar with flashing Sequential

A contemporary of execution before a "shark nose" and the distinctive trapezoid grille.

Drivers will appreciate the Mustang convertible roof multilayer fabric insulates series that enhances the appearance of the car and provides a quieter interior. The new roof is lowered two times faster than before and provides a more aerodynamic profile when lowered for open-air driving.

The display panel and controls required while driving are easily accessible in the passenger type "cockpit", sporting a manufacturing quality never seen in a Mustang. Instruments biggest edge that show more clearly the data of the vehicle directly inform the driver that takes place in a more spacious interior, while improved ergonomics and touch controls provide better control. The increased width and the new rear suspension contribute to improve the untap the shoulders and hips of passengers, in addition to the redesigned trunk can accommodate two golf bags.

The experience of the Mustang

Both the appearance and conduct issued by the sonority Mustang are part of the experience of sublime conduct, prompting the driver to drive. Thanks to its new options, the Mustang appeal to all styles. In addition to the V6 and V8 upgraded engines, we find this year the all-new EcoBoost ® 2.3-liter engine that provides advanced technology has the Mustang.

The Mustang GT comes with the most recent edition of a fiery V8 5-liter engine, crew now a valvetrain and cylinder heads IMPROVED to a power of 420 horsepower and 396 lb-ft of torque. A new intake manifold improves the flow of air intake and exhaust has a low diet for better fuel economy, idle stability and control of broadcasts.

"This EcoBoost engine delivers the performance expected of the driver with a curve of more extensive and progressive torque, which allows brilliant performance when Overtake or maneuvers on winding roads," said Dave Pericak, chief engineer of the Mustang.

The EcoBoost Mustang uses a turbocharged direct injection gasoline engine and variable distribution for optimal power and best fuel economy in its class. Its unique intake manifold and the turbocharger housing allow the Mustang has to be the height of the expected performance of the driver, with a planned power superior to 305 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque.

Grace has a power of 300 hp and torque of 270 lb-ft V6 engine with 3.7 liter series, even the base Mustang delivers the performance that is expected.

Driving, the driver appreciera the smooth transition speeds with improved box, while the automatic transmission features redesigned new montees pallets on the steering wheel for drivers desiring to choose between convenience or mastery.

The most handy thoroughbred

The driver appreciera new brand standards in matters of handling the all-new Mustang, with dynamic features and a comfortable ride world class.

"With the Boss 302, we had already established a very high level of dynamic characteristics for the Mustang, but our goal was to go further with this new car," said Mr. Pericak.

The Mustang is equipped with all new suspension front and rear. At the front, a new peripheral cradle contributes to the increased rigidity of the structure before while reducing mass, providing a better foundation for a more predictable control of the wheels and improving both handling the steering and ride comfort .

The new front suspension has a MacPherson strut dual ball also allows the use of a more powerful larger diameter brakes. This edition of the Mustang should possess the ability to better braking and three configurations are available with this Chapter.

At the rear, there is a whole new wheel independent suspension with arms integrals. Geometry, springs, shock absorbers and bushings have all been modified and rules specifically for this high performance application. The new aluminum rear flares help to reduce unsprung to improve the ride and handling weight.

And smarter all

The new Mustang is endowed with an impressive number of innovative technologies aimed at providing the driver with information, mastery and connectivity when required. Whether intelligent access with push-button start, or SYNC, or MyKey programmable key on every Mustang built, in addition to the performance indicator Track Apps, MyColour of orders and new Shaker Pro audio chain, the driver will be able to customize the time goes on the road.

The feeling of freedom and confidence at the wheel of the Mustang is amplified by the masters at the wheel of the vehicle. On winding roads or on the track, the driver can press the console commands to quickly adjust the steering effort, the response of the engine, the way the gearbox and control of stability through modes of conduct available to have the Mustang perfect at all times.

The new control improves stability of Ford is adapted to maximize the aerodynamic capabilities of the Mustang, especially thanks to the control of torque vector that transmits engine power to individual wheels to keep the vehicle in its path. When it comes time to give everything on the track, the Mustang GT can count on the launch control allows the driver series to get every time a gradual startup and smooth.

When it comes time to relax for a return home, advanced features help the driver, including the information system BLIS with cross-traffic alert and the adaptive cruise control can help the relaxation. The AppLinkMC function allows the driver to control the applications its intelligent phone to listen to the entertainment preferred.

Mustang 50 years

April 17 2014 will mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first Ford Mustang model 2015 and each celebrate this event by displaying a dash emblem with the logo of a galloping thoroughbreds and the words "Mustang - Since 1964." Mustang will continue to be built in North America was the assembly plant in Flat Rock.

"Since the beginning, we knew that the construction of the new Mustang was to be under the sign of excellence, says Pericak. We have completely redesigned the Mustang for a more refined and more efficient elegant car faster, without sacrificing its appeal is much admired for decades. "

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