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Lexus LS 2009 and 2010: Another voluntary recall

Lexus Canada announces voluntary recall lice remedy a situation on some vehicles Lexus LS 2009 and 2010 teams of system management variable gear ratio.

Lexus Canada announced that it will launch in Canada a voluntary safety recall on approximately 140 vehicles Lexus LS-end 2009 and 2010 teams of system management Variable Gear Ratio (VGRS) to remedy the temporary centering of the steering wheel direction that could occur during a maneuvering of particular conduct - this not occurring in normal driving conditions.

For 20 years, Lexus has absolute priorities for the security and customer satisfaction. Lexus Canada is taking all necessary measures to remedy quickly and effectively to concerns of its customers.

By changing the gear ratio steering, VGRS system facilitates maneuverability of the vehicle has slow speed and provides greater stability HIGH SPEED than conventional steering systems.

The system can know VGRS a temporary centering of the steering wheel after you turn the steering wheel quickly as a result of a very tight turn with the steering need a background. The system automatically correct the misalignment VGRS steering wheel within a period of about five seconds while driving the vehicle. The driver may notice this automatic correction while driving slowly returns to its centered under the corrective action system VGRS while driving in a straight line position.

Due to the specific circumstances in which it occurs, this situation does not occur during normal driving, for example when changing lanes or turning at intersections. Lexus Canada has received any reports of this from its Canadian customers; no accidents or injuries have been reported.

The initial notice will be mailed to the owners of the vehicles concerned from the beginning of June. Of that spare parts are available, Lexus Canada will send a second notification letter by first class mail to ask the owners to entrust their vehicle to a Lexus dealer for replacement free computer control the direction a new computer design.

This recall does not affect any other Toyota or Lexus vehicle.

Customers who have further questions are asked to contact their local Lexus dealer, visit or contact Lexus Canada at number 1 800 265-3987.

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