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Equiterre acquired the Hummer brand

Although the Chinese company Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery has passed very close to acquire the Hummer brand, we learned quite recently that General Motors and Sichuan Tengzhong have finally been able to agree to the purchase of this icon of the excessive consumption of fuel.

At this time, the American company had issued a rather terse communicates through which she left that she would proceed with the liquidation of his demon of the automotive industry. Unless, of course, that new jobs are put on the table.

However, today we learned that the Montreal group Equiterre, faithful defender of ecological transportation among others, has an agreement with GM to acquire the icon air pollution par excellence, the Hummer brand.

According to some sources, it seems that the protective company of the environment, Equiterre, would put his hand on the Hummer brand for a morsel of bread, or even according to other sources that GM would simply refile the hot potato to the body.

The Board Equiterre announced by the same occasion Richard Brooks, co-founder, assistant general coordinator and spokesman for the Climate and Energy campaign would take the lead Hummer.

Mr. Guilbeault meet next week workers in Shreveport plant in Louisiana. Therefore take this opportunity to announce to them a very bad news, namely that his company has bought the Hummer brand to definitely put the key in the door of the factory ...

Here is a very sad news for April 1.

Equiterre acquired the Hummer brand picture #1

Equiterre acquired the Hummer brand picture #2

Equiterre acquired the Hummer brand picture #3

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