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GM reduced the price of the Volt in the USA

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GM reduced the price of the Volt in the USA picture #1

Chevrolet lowered the price of its 2014 Volt

General Motors subtract 13 percent of the price of its electric car Chevrolet Volt in the U.S., as the company tries to support the rate of rivals in the market for rechargeable vehicles.

The American automaker said Tuesday that its 2014 Volt retail for $ 34,995 from the United States, including delivery _ or $ 5,000 less than the most recent model. The new model is to be unveiled before the end of the summer.

The prices Ads Tuesday apply only to work in the United States. A spokesman for GM Canada says that the prices will be in effect in Canada for the 2014 Volt will be announced later this month.

Sales of electric vehicles are rising, but they still represent a small portion of the entire industry. Manufacturers were forced to reduce prices or to offer a holiday discount in order to strip dealer inventories. Nissan has lowered the price of its Leaf vehicles and sales jumped, which assuredly draw the attention of GM.

Chevrolet sold 11,643 Volt in July, up 9.2 percent compared to the same period a year ago. But Leaf sales have more than tripled, to 11,703, after Nissan had removed some components and lowers the base price was $ 29,650 including shipping.

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